“Artists at Large films build emotion and personal connections with the artists–they create new fans, which leads to even more exposure.”


Artists at Large is a Dubai-based non-profit platform which aims to promote emerging artists through short documentary films.

Started in April 2018, the Artists at Large film series intends to portray the backstory behind each selected artist. It aims to highlight their motivation, process, and struggle, that can then help inspire other emerging artists.

Completed films are distributed online, and to high exposure and respected online magazines, film competitions, and festivals. This can create significant exposure for the artist, and also create a film that both the artist and the producer will be proud of, as a stand alone work of art.

Artists at Large Dubai is a creative endeavor, not a commercial one. As such, the selected artists make no financial contribution for the film. All films are funded either by the platform itself or by working separately with brands who cherish sponsoring such initiatives.

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To obtain more information about the platform, or support this initiative through sponsorship, please email info [at] or use the Contact page.


For me, film has always been the most relevant medium for compelling stories; those stories that move us and inspire us to create. I am confounded by how many talented artists surround us, yet we are not aware of their amazing body of work. That process of discovery is always so fulfilling. But what is even more satisfying is pulling together their backstory: the struggle each of them overcame, their sources of inspiration, and what drives them to keep creating everyday. This process culminates in depicting the backstory and their work through a stylized short documentary film, that we bring to you as part of Artists at Large.

It’s a labor of love. I hope you love these films, as much as we love making them. And I hope you’ll support our endevour to bring exposure to many more emerging artists in the near future.